Florida Violation of Probation (VOP) Charge

In life, nobody’s perfect and sometimes things can happen. People that find themselves on the wrong side of the law in Florida and are sent to prison may have the chance for an early release, or felony probation Tampa. During this probation period, there will be a set of laws and rules that must be followed. If they are not, that person risks being sent back to prison on a Violation of Probation (VOP) charge.

In the case of a VOP charge, there are two types of violations:

– The first is called a technical violation. In this instance, the person on probation is alleged to have violated specific terms of their probation. This can include things such as failing a drug test or not performing required community service work.

– The second type of VOP violation is called a substantive violation. In these cases, the person on probation has been alleged of committing new law violation.

In either case, someone charged with a VOP charge, they are not entitled to bond on the VOP charge. This is important to note because it can keep some people in custody for much longer periods of time than normal. Bond is also limited in VOP cases and extremely hard without legal representation.

In the state of Florida, being charged with a VOP can have even more dire consequences. Each VOP adds to a person’s score sheet, ultimately scoring them for a trip to a Florida State Prison. To make things even worse for some charged with a VOP, the standard of proof is much lower in the cases.

Going down these risky paths alone can be dangerous. It is recommended you speak with a professional at the first sign of a VOP charge in Tampa, Florida.